There’s nothing quite like a good piece of writing. It takes you on a journey of connection with others who have travelled a similar path before you. If you are really lucky, the writing shines a light in the darkness, and helps you remember the truth of who you are. It transports you from the limited world you may be living in, to a world filled with infinite possibility. It opens your eyes to a new way of seeing things, opens your ears to a new way of hearing things, and opens your heart to a new way of feeling things.

Since I was a little girl, writing has been the way that I make sense of the world. Whenever external shift happens in my life, I can find clarity, purpose, and direction by using the power of words to internally shift my perception. My bedside table is filled with several books I am reading simultaneously, I have folders filled with little scraps of paper that I have written brilliant ideas on, the lyrics of the next song I hear inspire me. And every once in a while, the creative muse visits, and helps me put all of this together into something that reaches out and helps someone else make sense of their world too.

My hope is that my writing touches your heart, reminds you that you are not alone, and demonstrates to you that your life matters. Please visit my blog here, watch the book trailer below or purchase my best-selling book Whispers of Hope: Transcending Abuse, Cancer and Divorce to Embrace Peace here.



DISCOVER HOW TO MOVE FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING! WHISPERS OF HOPE is the inspirational story of how the author overcame generational patterns of abuse, addiction, suicide, and cancer. The turning point in her life happened when, despite her intent to not repeat the past, she caught herself screaming at her three-year-old daughter. Something made her stop long enough to look into her daughter’s eyes. What she saw there was fear. At that moment Denise made a conscious choice to do something different. She told herself, “The abuse stops here.” That decision set an incredible healing journey into motion. If you’re ready to set down the baggage from your past and experience more peace, joy, and love in your life, then this book and its transformational tools are for you. You are not broken and you are not alone. There is hope in all situations. It’s whispering all the time. Are you ready to hear its messages?

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Praise for Whispers of Hope:


We have all experienced something painful that leaves us wondering if life is really worth it! Denise, through her courage, gives us hope, by showing us that we can remember our hearts and become stronger in our selves. By sharing her experiences, we see that we are ‘not’ alone.

BROCK TULLY, Author of Reflections books, Co-founder of the Kindness Foundation of Canada, Produce of the World Kindness Concert, www.brocktully.com


We have been gifted with incredible temples to house our souls. Our bodies and all of their feedback systems, whether visible or not, continue to serve us until we take our last breath.’ Unfortunately, too many people take their temples for granted. Denise does an excellent job describing her experiences and how she transformed her beliefs about herself and her healing capabilities. Whispers of Hope provides the insight and tools to empower everyone, regardless of their own health challenges.

DR. KEVIN EHL, Chiropractor


Denise Cunningham has shared a story that shows us how no amount of grit can distance us from grace. I was especially impressed by her transition from personal to global concerns, a sign of true transformation. Her book also gives us rich practices to help us toward the light of hope no matter how dark our past has been.

DAVID RICHO, Author of Daring to Trust: Opening Ourselves to Real Love and Intimacy


A Course in Miracles states that a miracle is a shift in perception. Whispers of Hope not only shows the miracle of Denise Cunningham’s journey from fear to love, it also shows the world how to move from darkness into light. As she changed her past conditioning she transformed her life story into a “Generational Love Story”. Denise is a living example of Grace as she embraces the inner core of Dignity we each have within us. As we seek peace in our own hearts, this book is a loving companion on our healing journey. As each of us heals, the ripple effect is felt around the world.

Kim Tebbutt, Author of 7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You


Whispers of Hope is the masterpiece of a quiet, modest hero who survived an unthinkable life. Cunningham’s ability to love and rise above time after time after time in her journey reveals her true wisdom as a great teacher for our time. I love this book…it is a powerful, inner trophy for the human spirit.

Denise Hagan, Musician and Song Writer


Hey Sis, I just read the chapter “Hands”. It was so beautifully written and so full of truth it took my breath away. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I read it. You are a very brave lady to dig into and make sense of all that shit. You tell it exactly as it was. Anyone that has lived through anything like it will feel the truth in those words and maybe won’t feel so alone and isolated knowing someone else went through what they did.

Glen Cunningham, Musician and Song Writer


As a physician, I have come to understand the power of words in the healing process.  For those words to have impact, they must be true. They must come from a place, often hard won, of authenticity.  The power of Whispers of Hope is that it is a book that resonates with honesty. You believe Denise Cunningham and therefore trust her message of hope and the possibility of renewal. This belief and trust in the process outlined in Whispers of Hope will be so valuable for anyone travelling the road towards peace and wholeness in their lives.

Nancy Wardle, MD


Whispers of Hope is a wealth of wisdom for all those who are called to personal and collective healing.  Denise’s story reminds me of an ancient symbol from the East of human life: a beautiful white lotus radiantly blooming up out of the mud.  And so it is for each of us. Our very humanity, and all that this entails, is the very ground of our awakening.  Denise, as all fine healers do, has risen from the ground of her own very difficult initiation, dared to tell her story, and thus become a guide for the rest of us!

David Fields, Co-Author of The Invisible Wedding: Exploring the Essence of Spiritual Partnership


Looking at Whispers of Hope from my spiritual side, this book is a testament to Denise’s ability not to just survive but to learn and evolve from the trials presented to her in her life. She helps guide those of us trying to do the same thing. Looking from the more logical side of me that needs things to be proven to me, Denise offers a number of scientific studies to back up the beliefs she acquired on her own journey and gives a number of practical exercises to help us reach our own beliefs. This makes Whispers of Hope a unique contribution to the world of spiritual writing, which sometimes seems rampant with books that have little grounding in the real world, with concepts the average person cannot comprehend. Denise has somehow managed to bring science and spirituality together, succeeding admirably in the process.

Susan McNicoll, Author of British Columbia Murders, Ontario Murders and The Opening Act: a biographical history of Canadian theatre from 1945-1953


Readers will have many opportunities to relate to Denise’s vivid descriptions of her healing journey from childhood trauma to reclaiming her authentic Self. The questions she poses at the end of each chapter offer much food for thought and stimulus to explore further for ourselves. Her honesty in describing her healing process, and where she is now, demonstrates the integrity that is so important to achieving a strong sense of Self and finding peace within. Her wisdom about the role our feelings play in our lives and in our emotional health is invaluable.

Janice Berger, M.Ed., Author of Emotional Fitness: Discovering Our Natural Healing Power


What can be more powerful than what we learn from our own life experience? The question is – do we learn or just experience? Denise does both in this profoundly honest exposition of her life – but more than that, she takes it one step further as she empowers all of us with tools, at the end of each chapter, for our own personal journey of awakening.

Alma Lightbody, Co-Author of My Wonderful Nightmare


Whispers of Hope is a gift to humanity. The story is told with the brilliant wisdom of a heart that has lived the loss and disappointment in all of us, and emerged to illuminate our deepest potential to love. It is a heart-breaking and heart-inspiring story of hope — a guide that gently brings us back to our Highest Self again and again.

Karen McGregor, Bestselling Author of The Madonna Code: Mysteries of the Divine Feminine Unveiled