Denise is a life coach, inspirational speaker, best-selling author, group facilitator, ordained metaphysical minister, and an integrative energy healer. In life and in work, Denise leads with her heart in providing a compassionate healing space of safety, acceptance, and respect. She knows what it’s like to travel through life as an introvert, a highly sensitive person, and an empath. She has felt terrified, powerless, and isolated in a world predominantly made up of extroverts. There were many days (and sometimes still are) where she wished that she could live on a deserted island somewhere. But Denise is very grateful to say that today she has tapped into her quiet power, is honouring her strengths, and can call on her inner extrovert in those situations where the goal is more important than the fear of engaging in social situations. She is loving her life, and living her purpose. Denise spent many years learning how to move from just surviving, to thriving. With this sacred gift of life, she considers it an honour and a privilege to be in service to other women, as they step into their quiet power, harness their strengths, ignite their light, free their voice, and transform their life.

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Professional Affiliations:

  • Premier Member of the Women Speakers Association
  • BA in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology
  • BMsc and is an Ordained Minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry
  • Best-selling Author
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Reiki Master, Member of the Canadian Reiki Association
  • ThetaHealing™ Practitioner