The world is shifting at a rapid pace, and often organizations and individuals struggle to shift along with it. Let’s face it…none of us really like change! And yet, the feeling of powerlessness that often accompanies shift can be paralyzing.

If you’re part of an organization, resistance to shift can be the cause of reduced productivity, lowered employee morale, and increased absenteeism. As an individual, resistance to shift leaves you feeling stuck, purposeless, and confused. In all cases, it stops you from rising to your highest potential.

I can provide you with tools and strategies for transformation, to help you balance the internal and external shifts. Let’s co-create momentum so that you can move to the next level in your life. Please take a look at my keynotes below. A keynote can also be tailored to the needs of your group or organization. For more information, or to book me for your next event please contact me here.

About Denise

Denise is a leading authority on creating a life you love. She is a 28 year breast cancer survivor whose keynotes combine a mix of transformational tools, experiential exercises, and a dash of humour. She inspires people to take back their lives and co-create an amazing future. Denise is a sought after inspirational speaker, the best-selling author of Whispers of Hope: Transcending Abuse, Cancer and Divorce to Embrace Peace, and a workshop facilitator.


SHIFT!: Bringing Life Back to Life
Change is often unexpected and unwelcome. At the drop of a hat, a major shift can occur that makes the very ground beneath your feet feel as if it’s unstable. Sometimes you feel stuck, paralyzed with fear; as if you have no control…but is that really true? How can you shift internally to balance the external shifts?

In this dynamic keynote, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize when shift is knocking on your door;
  • Learn strategies to manage internal and external shift;
  • Move beyond fear into action;
  • Bring all of you to work/life.

COMING BACK TO LIFE: Picking up the Pieces After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis
A breast cancer diagnosis is devastating. The life you knew has been shattered and now you want to find a way to pick up the pieces and start anew. So much has shifted: your outlook on life; your body; maybe you’ve even lost hope.

In this powerful keynote I’ll share how to:

  • Experience the part of you that can’t be touched by cancer;
  • Fully embody this moment, right here, right now;
  • Discover how quality vs. quantity of days makes the difference;
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude;
  • Move from surviving to thriving.

HOPE: Piecing Together a Life You Love

No matter what has happened in your past, it is possible to shift how you view those events. You can come to a place of peace in your heart and then move forward into realizing your dreams. The time is now! The world needs you NOW!

You are here on this planet to make a difference. It is time to remember the Truth about the incredibly powerful woman that you are!

In this key-note I will share my amazing life story through my intuitive fabric art pieces, to guide you towards:

  • Finding the gifts in the events of your past.
  • Extending love in situations where it seems impossible to do so.
  • Empowering yourself to be the most amazing version of YOU!
  • Living and expressing your true soul’s purpose.


DIVINE ALCHEMY: The Dance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine
With the beautiful rise of the Divine Feminine, how do we as powerful women become balanced co-creators of our lives? What steps can we take to blend the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves and in our world, so that one flows into the other and they transform each other within that dance? Together we make a greater whole that is stronger than its individual parts. How do we receive and teach the men in our world from a space of love, respect, and power within ourselves? We can all be co-creators of peace as we learn how to allow our feminine and masculine energies to flow.

Join me in this enlightening key-note as I share tools that will guide you to:

  • Learn how to use authentic power to transform your life.
  • Empower yourself to be the most amazing version of YOU!
  • Live and express your true soul’s purpose.
  • Use your harmonious balance of feminine and masculine
    principles to shift the world.


Past Clients Include:

TEDx Chilliwack, international;
Life Quilt for Breast Cancer Project, national;
The North Shore Needle Arts Guild, North Vancouver BC;
Dress for Success, Vancouver BC;
The Region of York Quilters Guild, Aurora ON;
United Church Women, Murrayville BC;
Sharon United Church, Murrayville BC;
Katch Life Health & Wellness, Vancouver BC;
Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, Langley BC;
BCTV Interview with Pamela Martin, Langley BC;
Brookswood Secondary School, Langley BC;
Langley Fine Arts School, Langley BC;
R.E. Mountain Secondary School, Langley BC;
Jeunes au travail, College Educacentre College, Vancouver BC;
Clearmind International, Langley BC;
Brock Tully’s “One of a Kind Stories”, Vancouver BC.;
Questers, Surrey BC;
Unity Churches, White Rock and New Westminster BC.


She is a warm, approachable person that (you) can connect with, as she is real and speaks from the heart. Her presentation is self-affirming and interactive. Denise delivers her highly relevant material in an engaging and effective manner.”

Sylvie, Langley BC

She immediately engaged her audience by establishing an atmosphere of respect.

Kim, Langley BC

Listening to your talk had an impact on me. It’s hard to explain but I just want to let you know that. You have a talent for speaking and you make complete strangers feel good about themselves. Wish there were more people like you. Thank you.

Student, Langley BC

Thank you for sharing YOU. What a gift–well-spoken, sincere and kind; such a pleasant reminder of what is important in our life experience!

Teacher at R.E. Mountain Secondary School, Langley BC

The class in which you presented was awsome, because it made me and everyone feel good about themselves, and taught us their is always someone who cares.

Chris, Langley BC

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to our Guild about the ‘Life Quilt for Breast Cancer’. It’s so inspiring…

Judy, North Vancouver BC