To Be 6 Again


Today is my first granddaughter Kallie’s 6th birthday! I’m wondering where the time has gone. It seems like only yesterday that I watched, in absolute awe, as she made her grand entrance into the world. It was as if time stood still. I truly felt the presence of God that day. And not in the religious sense, but in the sense of a love of such magnitude that it took my breath away. As I witnessed this incredible being traverse her epic journey to the outside world, I realized that she may have been entering the world of the physical, but spiritually she was not quite acclimatized to this so called reality. She was so much more than just a tiny human. She was a soul of epic proportions, a bright light, braving a new lifetime, and bringing her own brand of miracles to transform our family. In the delivery room to welcome her were her mom and dad and Auntie Caitlin. As well as her Grandma (me) and her Grandpa (my ex-husband). And that was just the world of the seen. In the world of the unseen I could feel the presence of the ancestors, who were also welcoming and celebrating this beautiful soul.

In her 6 years Kallie has taught me a lot about unconditional love, and about savouring every delicious morsel of the present moment. She has shown me that perseverance is the way to realize your dreams, and that there isn’t anything in life that love can’t make better. I was wondering what words of wisdom 6 year old Kallie might offer to me at 6 years old. To little Neesie who was so sensitive, and lonely, and afraid. Or what she might say to the 6 year old inside all of us.

I think Kallie would tell the 6 year old in all of us that we matter. That we have great gifts to share with the world. That there has never been another soul like us, nor will there ever be. That the world is waiting for our unique and sacred gifts. That we are loved beyond measure, by forces seen and unseen. And mostly, that we don’t have to do life alone. I can envision Kallie taking Neesie’s hand and inviting her to play.

So, baby girl Kallie, thank you for the gift you are in my life. For the constant reminder that this life is so much more than meets the eye. Thanks for putting your tiny hand in our hands and trusting us with the gift of your life. Now, let’s go play!

Much love to you on your 6th birthday and always beautiful girl. xoxo