Shining Your Light

Sometimes life’s greatest lessons come from what appear to be the most unlikely of sources.

Yesterday, I had the honour and privilege of taking part in a celebration of life for an incredible, majestic, Paint gelding horse named Romeo. Romeo lived life large in every way, and impacted the lives of people all over the world. He was an equine guide, a master of humour in the barn he called home, and a force to be reckoned with. If you lacked boundaries, Romeo would keep taking up your space, until you could ground yourself and claim it. If you were taking yourself, or life, too seriously, Romeo would toss his huge head up and down, flashing his enormous teeth as his gums flapped about in the breeze. Kind of like Mr. Ed the Talking Horse, in that old television show from the early ‘60s! If you were out of your body, or not fully present in the moment, Romeo was not averse to giving you a nip every now and again! Not in a malicious way, but the strength of the nip depended on how far out into the twilight zone you were. And if you needed to be reminded of the breath-taking beauty of strength, power, and grace in motion, all you had to do was watch Romeo running free in his pasture.


Romeo was only 16 years old. What should have been the prime of his life; but the Universe had other plans. Like many beings that leave the planet early, it was as if his soul knew that he would only be here for a short time. So, he packed a full life-time’s worth of living and light into one short brilliant 16 year burst. His human shared how Romeo greeted every single day as if it was the greatest thing that had ever happened. I’m trying to imagine how different my life would be, if I greeted every day that way too.


We all have the same light that Romeo shared with the world. Sometimes it gets buried, or dulled by worldly circumstances. But remembering that light, and shining it, is just one choice away in every moment. Thank you Romeo for the incredible being of light that you were. I will never forget you. Thank you also for the reminder to shine my light everywhere. I know that the world will be a better place each time I make the choice to do so.

A Prayer to the Great Mother


Goddess, Mother of us all, hear my call.

As I begin to rise up out of the ashes of my former life,

lead me to where I can serve you best.

If my steps falter on this new path,

touch my heart that I may remember of whom I’m born.

If friends fall away, bless us in the parting and lead me on.

If fear should cloud my vision,

please clear it with your love.

If I feel alone,

remind me of the legions of women who came before me,

that are holding me up.

Remind me of my sisters hand in hand around the globe,

who are rising up with me.

A new day is dawning.

Goddess, Mother of us all, hear my call.


Rise and Shine Sister!


Who are you really? That’s the question that has been rising up into my awareness for the past several weeks. And no matter how much I attempt to set it aside, with the intention of finding a more convenient time to ponder it, the question won’t leave me alone. It’s kind of like a pesky mosquito that finds its way into your bedroom, after all the lights are out at night. You try to swat at it in the dark, or cover your head with the sheets, but eventually there comes a point where you have to get up, turn on the light, and deal with it!

So here’s my preliminary attempt at dealing with it. At surrendering to the shift of consciousness that is taking place within me and within the world. I say “the world” because this feels like it’s a part of me, and yet it’s so much bigger than me.

Woman Arches

If I look back, I can see that the Universe has been planting seeds of this shift in me for a while now. It began in earnest about 3 years ago when a DVD found me in a second hand store. The theme of the movie was the Divine Feminine, and I must have watched it at least 30 times after I brought it home. My fascination with it spurred me on to do tons of research into the feminine aspect of everything: women, men, the planet, religion, and God…to name a few. I wrote and gave a speech called, “Divine Alchemy: the Dance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine”. And I have come to believe with every fibre of my being, that our future depends on our ability to bring the feminine back into balance with the masculine. First, by cultivating that balance within ourselves, and then bringing that balance into the world. As within, so without.

Those of you who know me well, know that my approach to bringing this balance into the world is not one of confrontation or power over. But rather one of collaboration and power with. To affect this shift, I think that we need to tap into our feminine heart to feel what needs to be done, stand solidly in our grace and power, and then call on our masculine head to implement a plan.



What’s being called forth from me now (by that pesky mosquito, lol :)) is to work with women to help them deeply remember their magnificence, and embrace their uniqueness, their power, and their special gifts. To that end, I’m hosting a 7 week online course for women that begins Feb 15/18. I had originally called it “New Year-New You!” but I’ve found that title doesn’t really reflect the deep shift in all of us, or the content that I now want to deliver. It’s not about a “new” us, but rather about the “real” us coming forward. So, I’ve renamed it “Rise and Shine Sister!” Because I believe that’s what we’re collectively being called to do. The time is now. The world is waiting for us now. It’s time to move beyond the fear, the doubt, and our past conditioning. To remember the Truth of who we all are. To rise up and stand in our full power. To let that beautiful feminine power shine everywhere in our lives. To then join with conscious men and bring balance to our planet. I know without a shadow of a doubt that we can do this. Will you join me? Let’s shift the consciousness of the planet together.

Young Women Travel Together Concept

You can sign up for the course on my website here: Workshop Registration