What Lights You Up? – Reflections on Creativity

The Journey Home Cropped


Machine Pieced, Hand Embellished, Machine Quilted

At a workshop last week, I asked the participants to share something with the group that really lit them up. The diversity of the shares touched my heart. One of the participants asked me to share what really lit me up. My answer, without a second of hesitation, was, “Creating intuitive fabric art!”

When I’m working in concert with the creative muse, revelling in the kaleidoscope of colour before me, and feeling the texture of the fabric as it moves through my fingers, I am in the zone. In this place I am fully in the present moment, and have no sense of time passing. The so-called ‘real world’ is the illusion, and anything associated with it becomes irrelevant. I am transported beyond the confines of the ordinary, to an extraordinary world where every possibility lies before me.

My favourite part of the whole creative process is when the piece I am working with, speaks to me. I begin with an idea of what I want to create. Eventually I get stuck, and the ideas stop flowing. At that point the muse asks me to set my ego aside, surrender, and allow the piece to tell me what it wants to be. As soon as I am able to let go of my small ideas and open up to receive, miracles happen.

Love & Light 2


Machine Pieced, Hand Embellished, Machine Quilted

When I allow myself to be a clear channel for whatever is calling to come through me, the resulting work is divinely inspired. At the end of the process, I gaze upon my work, as if seeing it for the first time. I stand in awe, and recognize that the piece has come through me, but is not of me. And I feel such deep gratitude that the universe chose me to birth this piece of art into the world.

This is what lights me up 🙂 What lights you up?

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