Standing at a New Door

Original Post: Standing at a New Door


“Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

I love this quote! It speaks to me of limitless possibility, the sanctity of life, and the miracle of being able to re-create my journey in every moment.

As some of you may know, I left my office job at the end of November. There came a day when the thought of spending another minute within the confines of my work there was almost more than I could bear. And I made a choice that day. A choice to cast off what was no longer serving, and take a step into the unknown. A choice to move outside the box and follow my soul’s calling.

So I gave my two week’s notice without having any idea of what the next step on the journey might be. And I did it, not from a place of reaction, but rather from a place of a deep inner knowing that it was time to move completely into the work I believe I came to the planet to do…to fully embody being an ambassador of hope in a world where many, many people have forgotten the Truth of who they are at a soul level. They’ve forgotten that their life matters and that they have totally unique gifts to offer humanity. They’ve forgotten that we are all connected and that love is all there is.

I’ve spent the time between the end of November and now, getting clarity on how I can best serve the world in this capacity. How do I shine light into those places of darkness that sometimes seem almost impossible to move beyond? It’s been a time of deep soul searching, stretching way beyond my comfort zone, and learning to listen to and follow my intuition. There have been tears, stand offs with my ego, conversations with myself that have my poor cat wondering if I’ve lost my mind! And in truth, I have lost my mind. It was a precursor for moving more into my heart. It’s been a process not unlike labour, this giving birth to a dream. And I am grateful for the tremendous learning within the metamorphosis.

2015 finds me standing at a beautiful new door! I have accepted the invitation to fully enter my life. The dream is still being birthed and I’m doing my best to stay fully present in each moment of its unfolding. Stay tuned…there’s a new website in process, upcoming inspirational speaking engagements to announce, new upcoming workshops in the creation phase. If you’re interested in getting more details about any of these offerings, or if you’d like to be on the newsletter distribution list for future events, and free inspirational info, please send me a message on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter (journey2Self).

Thank you for being on this journey with me. Each and every one of you make a difference in my life and I am grateful for you!

As you move into your new year, what’s calling you? Will you open the door and step across the threshold into your wild and precious life? I’d love to hear about your dreams.

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