Pausing Before the Exhale

Original Post: Pausing Before the Exhale

I love the week between Christmas and the New Year! There is a beauty and a stillness in the non-doingness…a calm, centred place of just being. A quiet inner knowing that all is well, no matter what external circumstances might indicate. A breathing in of all that has happened in the last year, then the breath held briefly in anticipation, just before the exhale into all that is waiting to be birthed in the new year.

It’s been an interesting year of change for us all. It feels like more and more, we are re-membering and shifting into the Truth of who we are. Sometimes that process has felt easeful, and at other times, more challenging. I received the gift of a car accident at the end of July, that quite literally stopped me in my tracks for two months. The resulting whiplash and concussion rattled my body and brain. It left me in a place of being, because I could not put two thoughts together to do anything! The downtime gave me the opportunity to ask myself a lot of questions.

How did I want to put the pieces of my life back together? And were there some pieces that no longer served and were best left to fall away? I began to realize that my former sense of urgency to get things done had been ego driven. And with that I started to relax into listening to the guidance of Spirit and only taking action when prompted by Spirit. Divine timing…not my timing! As I let go of my plans and allowed myself to come fully into each moment I began to experience more moments of peace and harmony.

Then I was gifted with the birth of my granddaughter Kallie in November. Looking into her angelic face reminds me of miracles. She is beauty, innocence, and pure love; all of the things we all are, but have sometimes forgotten. As I watched her make her physical entrance into the world, her spiritual connection with God/Goddess was palpable in the room. It was almost as if she had not fully landed yet on this plane. Her connection to All That Is had not yet been completely veiled. In that moment, and in many moments since, she has reminded me that life is a gift, and that it is possible to experience heaven on earth, by simply being all of who I am.

As this new year begins, I am choosing to remember that I am beauty, innocence and pure love, and that I am connected to All That Is. I am choosing to live more from my heart and less from my head. And it is my intention to continue the dance with joy and gratitude and grace. What are you choosing? May we all re-birth the Highest versions of who we are, in the amazing way that only each of us can. It matters that we are here because we each bring our own unique pieces of heaven on earth. Thank you for being on this journey with me. Namaste.

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