Honouring My Mom

Original Post: Honouring My Mom

Today would have been my mom’s 74th birthday if she were still here in her physical manifestation. She made her transition from this earthly realm almost 18 years ago. Our journey together was a challenging one, shaped by the distortions of alcoholism and abuse. I have lit a candle for her this morning, as I do every year. And each year I move closer and closer to joy as I reach deep into my heart to really witness the sacred dance that her and I chose this time around.

This day, I am answering your cry for love mama. I hear you and I honour you. I am forever grateful to you for your fierce love for me, and for doing the best you could with the knowledge that you had. I am strong, and brave, and compassionate, and loving because of you. I thank you for joining me in this amazing legacy of strong and heart centred women that you and the grandmothers before you began. And I thank your spirits for being with us now as we go forward in this Age of One, inviting strong, heart centered men to partner with us in our dance with life.

This song was one of my mom’s favourites. From early on, I rebelled against her love of old country music. My choice was hard rock. And then, in the last couple of years of her life, when I was beginning to soften and see her with new eyes, she introduced me to this song. In my heart it became our theme song. Mom, I love you, and I stand with you today, and every day, building bridges with love.


Proud to be your daughter.

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